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What is a Candid?
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What is a Candid?

Click to enlargeA candid is part portrait and part real life. Little Jake had just helped his mom and dad get married in a very touching ceremony and was trailing them down the aisle carrying the roses they had exchanged. He turned in mid-stride and gave us a look too good to pass up. After I saw this pic on my digital Nikon I told his mom and dad they could toss out all the other wedding pics and put a 5x7 of this one by the bed in a little silver frame. It would be the only wedding pic they ever needed!


A candid is a special moment. Chelsea and her two maids of honor were giving the wedding toasts. Any doubts about how these ladies feel about each other? Kneeling in front and waiting for the right moment and a well placed kicker light by my wedding assistant gave us this shot.

A candid is being in the right place at the right time. A baffle over our flash and a 20-foot bonfire helped showcase three friends having fun at GrizzlyFest outside of Cedar Rapids.

A candid helps tell the story. The roses, the gold seal, the initiation certificate, and the smiles tell the story of these two ladies initiation into the Iota chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority at the University of Iowa. Joe Photo has been capturing moments like these in Iowa City since 1977.

A candid makes YOU smile. This shot from the Washington H.S. Cultural Diversity fashion show is all about generations. These are the Nassif cousins.

A candid is being all dressed up AND having somewhere to go. The right dress, the perfect hairdo, the nails done – little ladies and big ladies need photos like this to remember the moment. By the way – she has a brother, too.

A candid is her dad and his dad. I won’t tell you who is the father of the bride and who is the father of the groom. You get the picture.

A candid is the right picture at the right time with the right lighting. Wedding just over – everybody starting to breathe again - the classic pic – Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor, Best Man. Don’t miss this one. We didn’t. Did I mention classic? A well placed kicker light by our wedding assistant really gives this pic some depth.

A candid is a scene setter. This one opens the story of the annual Valentine’s Day Dinner at the Cedar Rapids Country Club.

A candid is you and all your best friends. Then all it takes is the "squeeze together" at the right moment.

A candid is a "special smile." And Grandmas and Grandpas are the best.

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